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the architecture of
Geir grung

The architect Geir Grung (1926-1989) has been an important contributor to architecture in the decades after World War II. Grung’s architecture represented a forceful, expressive modernism, marked by the hallmarks of Brutalism, inspired by Oriental traits. Røldal and Suldal power plant was designed by Georg Greve and Geir Grung in 1968. Amongst other works Grung designed the building of the power station of Hydro Energi situated here in Nesflaten, the nearby housing estate as well as the building that is now Energihotellet.
Seven power stations are part of the power plant which stretches over two counties, Odda in Hordaland and Suldal in Rogaland County. You can also take a look at at Grung’s architecture at Røldal Power station.

national tourist route

The national tourist route in Ryfylke
is a journey of contrasts. You meet stark mountains, high cliffs, deep fjords,
but also internationally recognized architecture.  A natural stop is here in Nesflaten Village where you can take a closer look on Geir Grung’s architecture. Just north of
Sand, also in Suldal, you will find Høse Bridge. The bridge is designed by Rintala Eggertsons Architects, and displays an elegant interplay of the man-made and natural.
Almannajuvet is also a natural pit-stop on the route. Experience Peter Zumthor’s
spectacular work and the zinc mine history which shaped the local community. In addition
to architectural highlights you will find grand sceneries and powerful nature along the route such as Svandalsfossen waterfall in Sauda and by the view point at Lovra in Suldal.

historical highlights of hydropower

In Suldal you can behold the artificial lake Blåsjø, the largest reservoir in Norway. The lake is made by several dams around 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) above sea level. It contains enough energy to supply the city of Stavanger with electricity for over four years. In the summertime you can drive all the way up to the lake. In Tyssedal in Odda, you can visit the Norwegian Museum of Hydropower and Industry. The power station in Tyssedal was once the largest power station in Europe. Today it is beautifully restored and has many activities during the summer.  Please check the museum website for further information.

Preikestolen or
the Pulpit rock

Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock) is one of the region’s most visited attractions – and one of the most unique photographic subjects. In 2011 Preikestolen was recognised as one of the world’s most spectacular viewpoints by both CNN Go and Lonely Planet. Find out more about how to get to Preikestolen here


Trolltunga is also one of the most spectacular scenic cliffs in Norway, hovering 700 metres above Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Odda. From the very top you can indulge in the dramatic fjord landscape and enjoy the view towards the glacier Folgefonna. The hike takes 10-12 hours (a 23km round hike) and the ascent is around 900 meters. It is a long and hard hike and is usually possible to do from mid-June, depending on when the snow melts in the mountains. Hikes to Trolltunga can usually be arranged up until mid-september.


However, you needn't travel far to experience breathtaking views as Suldal boasts astounding nature few places even in Norway can compete with.  Start your exploration of the landscape with Energihotellet as your starting point. Only a short drive from the hotel you’ll find the Bråtveit mountain area where you can go for shorter walks to Jonstølen, one of the Norwegian Trekking Association’s (DNT in short) many available cabins. If you would like to take longer walks you could go to Bleskestadmoen, another of DNT’s cabins, or perhaps a hike to the peak of Nipe, which you can see from the terrace of Energihotellet. We offer a hiking package, read more about it here.


In the Suldalsvatnet lake, which provides the picturesque backdrop to our dining room, there are very good opportunities to test your fishing skills on Trout and Char. There are also a number of small mountain creeks and lakes nearby with fish waiting to be caught. You can easily buy a fishing permit on the web site inatur.no. Suldal is renowned for it's salmon fishing in the river Suldalslågen. To fish here you will need to purchase a permit, for more information, please click here.


The mountain areas in Suldal are well known as good hunting grounds. For some areas it is possible to buy hunting permits for visitors both for small and big game, inatur.no has more information on this. It is also possible to purchase a hunting permit in nearby Roalkvam. Please contact Ola Jordebrekk, Tel: (+47) 52 79 47 56/916 05 451 for further information.

skiing and slalom

In Suldal and Røldal there is plenty of opportunity to indulge in both downhill and cross-country skiing. A short distance from the hotel, in nearby Hamrabø and Øvrabø, there are illuminated ski slopes. Suldal also offers bigger challenges in the mountain tops of Snønuten and Skaulen, of which the starting point is not far from Energihotellet. If you are planning to ski, please do take a look at The Norwegian Mountain Code before starting. If you're seeking nice and powdery downhill ski slopes, Gullingen in Suldal or Røldal in Odda should be on your list of places to visit.

historical sights of our local culture

Ryfylkemuseet, a cultural historical museum founded in 1981, houses collections from Ryfylke. Ryfylkemuseet offers activities that let you experience the daily life of Ryfylke’s people from far back in the 1500s to the present day. A trip through Ryfylke offers visits to farmyards from differing social classes and eras, all preserved on their original sites. Also available is a lobster museum and an industrial workers’ museum, as well as a school museum where one can learn about childhood in Ryfylke. Read more on their web site.

The Stave Church in Røldal is a richly decorated church built between 1200 and 1250. The church is known for a large crucifix which supposedly possesses healing powers and for this reason it attracted crowds of people every midsummer's eve in the hopes of a miracle, up until as late as  the 1800's.

a small taste of city life

Sand, Sauda og Odda can offer a taste of city life, with shops, cafes and restaurants. All the towns have a harbor area where you can take a stroll. In Sand's Kulturhuset (Cultural centre) there is a cinema, bowling lanes and concerts. Read more about Sauda here, and Odda here.

nesflaten village

Nesflaten is the small village where our hotel is situated. There is a local shop where you can stock up on most necessities. In the gift shop ALL VERDAS you can find Fair Trade gifts made all over the world for your loved ones. ALL VERDAS is run by a local family and opens on request or a friendly knock on the door.